About Soul Miracles

Soul Miracles is a one-stop platform for those who are ready to transition into their emotionally and spiritually best selves.
Our mission is to empower 5 million people with spiritual sufficiency.

The Backstory

Soul Miracles was founded by Dr. Manmit Kumarr in 2017 as an experiential platform for those seeking to shift their lives through spirituality. The journey started when Dr. Kumarr decided to share her gift of being a psychic and a medium with the world. Dr. Manmit believes that it is not enough for people to just have guidance. It is also important for them to learn the very methods that she herself uses to guide them so that they become sufficient to create their own guidance. Hence, was born our vision with which Soul Miracles operates.

What sets us apart

Spirituality, today, is a cluttered space with a lack of structure. 

The spiritual wave that the world is going through lacks process, accountability, and self-sufficiency. 

Soul Miracles works towards integrating Modern Spirituality with our daily lives.

We offer experiential, hands-on modalities that are aimed at rendering spiritual sufficiency.

At Soul Miracles, every milestone of
growth is measured.

The Mind and Soul Behind
Soul Miracles

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Dr. Manmit Kumarr, Founder and CEO, Soul Miracles

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is an internationally-renowned Spiritual Coach, Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Akashic Records Healer, and Automatic Writing Teacher. 


She helps people heal emotionally and mentally through techniques such as past life, future reading, energy healing, and inner transformation with the help of her Spirit Guides. She believes that the pain we are experiencing can be healed and we can experience happiness and peace.


Her own journey has been one of transformation. Despite having 19 years of corporate experience in senior leadership position, her near death experience led her to view life differently. 


Her Spirit Guides guided her in 2016 to delve full time into Spirituality to touch 5 million lives through her healing and teaching work. 


So far, Dr. Manmit has healed the lives of 7,500+ people from all walks of life. Dr. Kumarr is an Honorary Doctorate in Spirituality and lives with her family in Gurgaon.

The Mind and Soul Behind Soul Miracles

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Soniya Yadav, Sales Manager

Soniya has been working with Soul Miracles for more than a year in Sales. She is passionate about her job and considers it as her life purpose.
Soniya is an MBA in Tourism and Hospitality from Lovely Professional University.

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Vijay Kumar, Management Information System (MIS) Executive

Vijay has been working with Soul Miracles since May 2022 and handles the MIS operations and data management for Soul Miracles. Before Soul Miracles, he worked for SIS India and other Security Intelligence firms. He is an Engineering graduate.

Anamika Chauhan

Anamika is a Post Graduate of HR from IMT Ghaziabad. She has 14 years of experience working with corporates like Otis Elevators, Iffco Tokio Health Insurance, and Apollo Munich Health Insurance. After that, She took a break of 6 years as she wanted to give time to her kids and the corporate culture wasn’t making her soul happy. Being a creative person, she started her journey as a Freelancer Artist and has done a few exhibitions too.


Having witnessed miracles in her own life, she wanted to work with Soul Miracles to spread the Light to others. She is passionate about what she does and loves working with an organisation that is spiritually oriented as well as has a non-political culture.


She takes care of the CEO’s office, Social Media Marketing, and contributes to Operations.

Plabita Patowary, Coach

Plabita Patowary is a registered clinical psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) has an extensive experience of more than 5 years. She strongly advocates psychological wellness over just treating the mental issues.

Our Clients Speak for Us

“Manmit Madam is just awesome. She radiates a light that is so welcoming and comforting. She makes one understand the process and the reason behind it, not like just doing a ritual with blind faith. She is a good listener and answers all the questions with a lot of patience and love. I connected with madam because I had started to feel and taste very oddly, not sure how it happened but I felt something is not right with my energies. I feel extremely irritated and had sleepless nights for months. My body started to feel scratchy and rashes developed all over. A lot of release of pent-up things happened during the session and believe I took this session after a lot of contemplation. I am at complete peace with myself and my body is at ease. Ms. Pratima was my point of contact. She has a lot of patience with careful listening. She is an asset to the team. The team is constantly in touch and is always available to help. Lots of Gratitude and Best wishes to the entire team. ”
BK Shilpa
Spiritual Seeker, Bangalore
“I had come across so many tarot readers, astrologers, etc but never got to know the root cause of our problems. I got to know about mam through a friend and booked the session after talking to the team. I was hopeless to be honest because it never worked out for us in the past. Believe me- every penny invested was worth it! Took a session of ancestral clearing after a deep analysis of our problem. I and my husband took the session and it brought so many changes for us. I am writing this after 3 months of the clearing. You can call it a life of before and after. My husband wasn’t getting any opportunities for work, no one was even calling him or reverting. I am so grateful that now he has an assuring job and we are all set to move to another country. We never thought he could be carrying something from the ancestors with no fault of ours. We were under blame and victimhood. But who knew we had our own lessons to learn and expansion waiting with their blessings? For us, mam is a magician and our go-to person now. Highly highly recommended. ”
Shruti Taparia
Corporate professional, Dubai
“Workshops with Dr. Manmit are healing and energizing. She unboxes the spiritual world in a very easy and understandable way giving simple tips that can be used in daily life. There is also a community that her team fosters which brings in connectedness and leaning in support when needed. If you have questions that remain unanswered or have decisions that need to be made, Soul Miracles is the place to go! It’s my happy space!”
Bani Kaur

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