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Nowadays, with the advancement in medical science and with the use of new equipments and technology, the treatment of different types of nail diseases is quiet easy at a reasonable cost. But it is always advised, the sooner the better. Most of the times the main reason for nail problems is improper trimming or some kind of minor injury. Read on to find out how you can take proper care of your nails, so that you avoid any kind of nail disorder.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is a very common problem; however, sometimes this problem can become quite difficult to treat. In some of the cases the antifungal nail creams and the other nail fungus cure ointments are also not very effective.


There are some treatments which are suggested by doctors if you suffering from nail fungus

Antifungal lacquer

If the patient is suffering either from mild or moderate problem, then generally an anti fungal nail polish called ciclopirox is prescribed. Regular usage of this nail polish for around one year will help in curing the fungal infection.

Topical medications

This particular medication will not help in curing the fungal infection, but if used with oral medication, it shows good results. The doctors generally to use these creams with a lotion which contains urea to get quick relief and to speed up absorption.


If the nail infection gets worse, then the doctor is left with no other alternative and the only possible solution is the surgery. Such a surgery may involve the removal of the infected nail completely.

Also these treatments can be very time consuming. But before the treatment starts, it is very important for the doctors to diagnose the kind of fungal infection is the individual suffering from. It is the patient’s duty to tell the doctor about all the medicines he has consumed in order to cure the problem, so that the doctor can do a detailed case study and administer the right nail treatment to the patient.

Brief description for Toe nail fungus

The problem of toe nail fungus is more common in the athletes, because this particular problem can spread through publics gyms, swimming pools, shower stalls etc. Some people, who sweat a lot, suffer from abnormal ph levels or people who have decreased immunity are the ones who have more possibility of suffering from this particular problem.

Treatment for toenail fungus

The doctors in order to cure the problem of toe nail fungus generally prescribe Lamisil and it is available both in the form of tablet and cream. This problem basically lasts for a longer duration and it can also sometimes lead to liver damage or some other severe problems. Hence the doctors advice all their patients who are suffering from this problem to get a blood test every month. This treatment is undoubtedly very expensive but you will definitely get relief, as it is highly effective at the same time.

Sometimes the nail fungus problems can lead to a chronic condition and if people do not feel the pain, they ignore it and they do not get this problem treated. But ignoring the problem is not a solution, people with chronic illness like diabetes should immediately book an appointment with the doctor if they notice certain considerable changes in their nails before the problem gets worse. If the problem is not very severe then the doctor will prescribe a nail polish which either contains amorolfine or ciclopirox, whereas on the other hand if the problem is severe, then the doctors will go for oral and the other systematic anti fungal medication.

Problem of Ingrown nails

This problem is basically one of the most common nail disorders. This main reason for this problem is the penetration of the nails through the nail bed. This can be indeed very painful and the nail edge becomes red in color. The problem can be attributed to your ingrown nail that has actually grown out which happens when you do not take proper care of your nails or you when wear extremely tight and uncomfortable shoes.

Treatment for Ingrown nails

If the problem gets severe, you must go to the doctor and he will inject the nail bed with anesthetic and also if the need arises, the doctor will also trim and give your nails the right shape.



This is one of the most common and popular nail diseases. The common symptoms of this problem are severe pain with a swelling, which is observed around the nail bed. The main reasons that can be attributed for this nail disease are: chronic moisture (generally caused due to thumb sucking) or if the patient unknowingly dropped something on his fingers. This problem requires an immediate nail treatment. If the treatment is delayed, the situation can get worse.


Treatment for Paronychia

In order to treat this problem, the first step which you should follow is to soak your fingers in warm water, in order to drain the infected area as soon as possible. But if the problem gets worse then the doctor will basically create an incision in the affected area.


Problem of Subungual Hematoma

You will experience this type of problem if you have ever faced a situation in which you have jammed your fingers in the car door. In such a situation you observe that the blood actually pools under the nail and the affected area will start throbbing. This is indeed a very painful situation.

Best possible treatment for Subungual Hematoma

The best and the immediate solution is basically to pierce a hole in the middle of the nail with the help of a paperclip. Once the pin goes inside, a hole is created and then the blood starts appearing, at this point, the person should immediately soak the finger in warm water, so that it can fully drain and the condition is controlled to some extent.


This can be categorized as a nail fungus problem. This problem generally affects the toenails as compared to the fingernails. This fungus is acquired through contact with an infected person. Results of some important medical studies have revealed the fact that older people who suffer from the problem of diabetes have more chances of suffering from the problem of toe nail fungus and the other fungal infections.

Treatment for Onychomycosis

Nail fungus cure is not that easy. The treatment mainly depends upon the severity of the problem. Mostly if the treatment is desired, then the doctors mainly prescribe itraconazole or terbinafine and these can be taken easily orally. These drugs should be taken for a longer duration, so as to get relief from this problem to some extent. Also Ciclopirox is very helpful to people who are not advised to take oral drugs because of their other heath concerns.

Green Nail Syndrome

This is mainly an infection with Pseudomonas. This is only found in the individuals who are suffering from the problem of onycholysis and who keep their hand in water for a long duration. The nail which is in the area of onycholysis generally becomes green in color.

Treatment for Green Nail Syndrome

The possible nail treatment for a person suffering from this condition is to soak the affected area in a 1 % acetic acid solution and this should be done at least twice a day or by trimming the nails and applying an appropriate antibiotic solution will also help to cure this condition.

Verruca Vulgaris

This is considered as one of the very rare nail diseases. This problem is mainly caused with human papillomavirus and it is said to infect the cuticles and sometimes if the condition worsens, then it has a severe effect on the area beneath the nail. Nail biting is one of the main reasons which is responsible for spreading this infection.

Treatment for the problem Verruca Vulgaris

Freezing with liquid nitrogen can be very effective to cure this problem.

Once you are aware of the possible causes of such nail disorders and the harmful elements that create such problems, you can keep your nails healthy. Keep all the elements at bay which can pose a danger to your precious nails.

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