Men’s Nail Care – A Definitive Guide

When it comes to nail care, most people associate it as something that lies exclusively within the domain of feminine interests. Getting your hair and nails done, along with a facial, waxing, and haircut – these are all things one might typically associate with women. But the fact of the matter is that nail care is not just for ladies. On the contrary, it is a health and grooming concern for men as well. Obviously that should go without saying, considering the fact that men’s nails can get every bit as dirty, if not dirtier, than women’s nails, and much more quickly at that.

Why Nail Care For Men?

So why exactly is men’s nail care important. Did you ever stop to wonder what would happen if men didn’t take care of their nails? Here are some of the most prominent reasons, particularly from a man’s perspective:

1. Long, unkempt nails on a man are extremely unattractive, unmasculine, and are extremely unappealing to anyone you come in contact with or interact with, whether you are seeking to make a good first impression with anyone for business or for pleasure. It can be a cause of embarrassment for any man who is not taking care of his nails. Furthermore, men having long fingernails can be a real turn-off for women.

2. Long, untrimmed nails can be extremely unhealthy, as dirt can get caught underneath the nails and get stuck in the space between where your fingernails and your skin converge. Long fingernails can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt as things can get caught underneath.

3. Long nails can be sharp and unsafe. They can scratch, poke, and stab other people, or even yourself.

4. Long nails can get in the way of men being able to perform various jobs that require heavy duty manual labor with their hands and fingers.

5. Proper grooming is essential for the mental, emotional, psychological, social, as well as physical well-being of men as well as women. Proper grooming breeds success, and your nails are something that you should never overlook as part of your overall grooming regimen.

The Basics Of Nail Care

So what are some routine nail care ideas that men can adopt in order to better take care of this important part of the body?

Perhaps the simplest solution of all is for men to simply make it a point to keep their nails trimmed using a nail cutter on a regular basis. This is a no-brainer. But you would be surprised at how often this seemingly simple piece of advice is far too often easily ignored, or falls by the wayside due to procrastination. It only takes 5 minutes to trim your nails! Don’t put this off until your nails get so long that they break or you end up scratching yourself (or one of your loved ones) before you realize that you have to do it.

But there’s more to nail care than just trimming them. Men can get manicures and pedicures done, just as women do. This may seem like a strikingly effeminate activity, but the truth of the matter is that nails are nails. Men need to take care of their bodies too. Now, if paying a visit to the salon is not your thing, then fret not. Getting a manicure or a pedicure is something simple enough that you can perform in the privacy and comfort of your own home, by yourself.

DIY Nail Self-Care For Men

Here is a quick look at a couple of quick self-administered manicure and pedicure methods for men:

1. Use a nail file to smooth out your nails to give them a nice, rounded appearance, as opposed to jagged, rough edges that would result from the natural use of a nail clipper.

2. Use a metal file to extract any dirt that is lodged underneath the fingernails. If the place where the skin meets the nail (the cuticles )is uneven, see if you can smooth and round it out with the file as well using a cuticle stick.

3. Use a good lotion to moisturize and smooth out the skin.

4. Do NOT put a polish on your nails. That would most definitely be an effeminate thing to do.

Nail Care Products For Men

While women are typically the ones who invest money in nail care products for use at home, men can most certainly benefit from the use of home-use nail care products as well. Here are some recommended nail care products for men:

1. A good nail clipper is a basic necessity. Nail clippers come in all different shapes and sizes. If the one that you have isn’t working out well for you, perhaps you need to shop for one that is more comfortable, easier to handle, and is the right size for your fingers and toes.

2. Invest in a good liquid hand soap. If you happen to have dry skin, get a liquid hand soap that also includes a moisturizer.

3. Invest in a good hand cream or moisturizing lotion. After taking a shower or even after washing your hands, it is always a good idea to apply a little bit of lotion or cream on your hands, to help keep them smooth, healthy, and hydrated.

4. A good nail brush is a must-have if you work in a profession that often results in getting dirt underneath your fingernails frequently. You can use this brush to get that dirt out and keep your nails clear of any particulate matter at all times.

5. Nail nippers would be an excellent tool to have handy as well. Similar in function to nail clippers, nail nippers get the job done with more precision, which can be advantageous when you are dealing with problems such as ingrown nails.

6. A cuticle stick is essential for when you are working on smoothing out the cuticles on your nails.

Proper care of your fingernails and toenails is every bit as important for men as it is for women, not only for looking attractive, but also for your health. It should be considered a standard part of every man’s grooming regimen, just like shaving already is, for most men. Proper hygiene and grooming breeds success.

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