NailUrban Story

Nail Urban comes out of a hobby that a woman entrepreneur had. I am Sunita Biddu, founder of Nail Urban and the entrepreneur with a cool choice of fashion and style.

I am fond of a slight artistic touch on dressing sense and nails as long aS it looks soothing, appealing and glamorous  Whenever I wanted nail art done, I had to go to salon or bearby nail spa shop. Going to a shop wasn’t a problem but the cost surely was specially when I was frequent and moody to test new arts on my nails.

And one fine day, I thought of Nail Urban. The idea actually took whole 3 months to get into reality but I never gave up the idea at all.

I have just begun and can already see how potential nail art industry is. I can get crazy as well as elegant personalities along to share their ideas and get value out of Nail Urban blog and shop.

I have few promises made to myself. Have a look at them and wish me luck icon smile NailUrban Story

I’d make the pricing at NailUrban shop is reasonable and lower than market price [let me figure it out icon smile NailUrban Story  ]

I will share my latest ideas of all kinds of nail art.

I will try to give appropriate solutions and treatments to all your nail related problems (I have a couple of dermatologists friends and they have promised to help me). Feel free to share them at homepage.

I have created a special area to let you share your ideas of nail art and nail care.

Males are equally respected and will try to write for them often.

I will my best effort to make NailUrban a happening community. Please feel free to share your feedback, suggestions, criticisms to

Love you all.

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